We even have an agreement that doesn`t have mandatory layoffs, which means that at 2 years old, someone like you in this trade has an above-average chance of keeping your job… "Discussions at the highest level continued this week on the future of the company and our members in terms of workplace safety, pay, conditions and conditions." There were daily personal meetings and progress was made. This includes a new 2-year offer improved at a price, conditions and conditions. However, we also want to make it clear that the union is very concerned about reaching an agreement that marks the future direction of the company and offers our members the best possible job security guarantees. Progress has also been made on this issue. Today, we will inform the post office management and CWU`s external services officials of the current state of discussions. We were determined to reach an agreement this week, but it is important that we do it right. Progress has been made, but this week we simply ran out of time. Work will continue throughout the weekend. Next week, we will reach an agreement and continue to communicate with our representatives and members. General Secretary I have been a Lgv driver for 30 years with the Royal Mail yet another foreign person tried to take and with another golden handshake and ignore all previous agreements selling parts of the business for his own benefit I am proud, Stand up and fight for my work and proud of the ES is a pity that there are not many unions in this country that will do so if the British public realizes that we, the workers, want to keep it as Royal Mail and that we do not want to sell it to a foreign company, we do not want to strike, but if we do not do so , we will destroy our jobs. "They finally want to get rid of 20% of the delivery staff and increase delivery times to 6 hours or so that 5 days a week is impractical and will have long-term physical effects on the staff, we will all the places where the bikes went and our suffering with bad knees, ankles, etc! We go 9-10 miles a day and any increase is simply unacceptable, they already have back from the initial deal and want to get rid of thousands of jobs, you also want to start new recruits on zero-hour contracts and move the packages on afternoon deliveries and make posties walk over, if we have a correct deal, they have put us in check! It is also reminded to sectors that the irregularities in contracting that are occurring today are not a new phenomenon, since the joint declaration on the appeal of vacancies, agreed in 2007, was intended to address the same problem. The joint declaration has not been renegotiated or replaced and should address the fundamental problem of Royal Mail introducing shortened employment contracts prior to any negotiation/consultation with the CWU and locking the process into the IR framework.

This remains the case and, if necessary, disagreements should be recalled if this process is not followed. According to the Daily Telegraph, Royal Mail has restricted the union`s right to strike in exchange for "protections." A new mediation system will effectively eliminate local strikes.