The separate investment protection agreement must also be approved individually by each EU Member State. For EFTA-Singapore trade statistics, see EFTA Trade Statistics Tool On 19 October 2018, three agreements were signed between the parties, the EU-Singapore Trade Agreement, the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement and the Framework Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. [5] [6] The agreement was subsequently approved by the European Parliament on 13 February 2019. [7] On 8 November 2019, it was announced that the agreement will enter into force on 21 November 2019. This comes after the approval of the agreement by the Council of the European Union. [1] Learn about the current trade relationship between the EU and Singapore The Chapter on Trade in Services deals with the liberalisation of the four types of services within the meaning of the WTO GATS in all services sectors except air transport. The liberalisation of services is carried out according to the timetables of specific commitments. The commitment plans shall be reviewed at least every two years and the Parties have undertaken to liberalise all trade in services within ten years. Investment protection disciplines are those usually found in bilateral investment protection agreements, including provisions on promotion and protection, national treatment and most favourable treatment, taxation, expropriation and compensation, national regulation, transfers and key personnel. The agreement also provides for the possibility of direct settlement of disputes between a party to the agreement and an investor of another party. Such disputes may be subject to compulsory arbitration, provided that both parties so agree. Reservations to this chapter are contained in annex XI.

All trade in industrial products and fish and other seafood products from the EFTA States will, from the entry into force of the Agreement, benefit from duty-free access to the markets concerned. The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, an acronym EUSFTA, is signed and ratified[1][2] Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreement between the European Union and Singapore. EuSFTA has been under negotiation since March 2010 and its text has been publicly available since June 2015.