NOVA has transfer agreements with many institutions. These agreements outline the transfer conditions for NOVA students in associated degree programs. They define how courses, programmes or entire categories of programmes are transferred to another institution and may contain guarantees of admission. Counsellors can provide students with more accurate information on how these agreements relate to individual transfer plans. The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) and muIH have entered into an agreement to offer ACHS students an accelerated pathway of admission and advanced standing at MUIH. Students who have successfully completed the B.S. in Integrative Health Sciences and the B.S. in Nutrition at ACHS have been identified to meet the conditions of some MUIH programs. In addition, a selected set of ACHS courses has been identified as equivalent to that of MUIH and is allowed to perform transfer credits and/or course waiver. MUIH and George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) have signed an agreement facilitating the admission of certain GW students to MUIH.

GW SMHS B.S. graduates in Health Sciences Clinical Research Administration, Clinical Management and Leadership and Clinical Health Sciences Programmes with a cumulative AMP of 3.0 are admitted and can seek advanced levels of consideration up to 6 credits in MUIH`s Master of Nutrition and Integrative Health and Doctor of Clinical Nutrition Programme. Graduates and current students with a good academic reputation in the GW M.S. Health Sciences in Integrative Medicine, who are looking for certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) references, can earn up to 9 credits from MUIH. Georgetown SCS is proud to have articulation agreements with Northern Virginia Community College, Montgomery College and Prince George`s Community College. Students who earn a degree associated with one of these institutions – with an AMP of 3.0 or more – are vetted to obtain a guaranteed bachelor of arts degree in the liberal studies program. To facilitate the transition of students from the CGHtc to higher institutions, the College has negotiated transfer agreements for those who enter into certain HTCH programs with their associate degree and corresponding average. Many CGH courses are given to most older institutions; However, applied science programs can only be transferred to certain core subjects. In addition to the HTC Agreements, our students can also use the transfer agreements entered into by the South Carolina Technical Training System with several partner government institutions.

South Carolina has 33 public institutions of higher learning, including 13 universities, 16 technical schools, and 4 two-year regional campuses of the University of South Carolina. HGTC offers students the opportunity to earn a degree, diploma or certificate and is a gateway to colleges and universities. The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has created a web portal to facilitate the transfer and articulation of university courses in the state. All of South Carolina`s 2- and 4-year-old public institutions work together to make it easier for students to transfer college.