Bas does not perform background tests of drivers or participants, driving or insurance checks, and the group does not provide any assurance or certification regarding the condition, suitability or safety of vehicles used by participants who opt for carpooling, reliability or driving ability of participants or drivers, or whether these participants and drivers are insured. It is recommended that participants exercise caution in choosing a potential carpooling partner. Members should not accept travel or travel for complete strangers. 3. Carpooling begins on August 7, 20xx and continues as long as there are drivers who are willing to participate. 1. The purpose of carpooling is to transport us between our respective workplaces in downtown Boston and each of our homes. 2. Participation in carpooling is optional.

Any driver can withdraw at any time, but we agree to know as much as possible before terminating our participation. 2. It is the responsibility of the person who accepts a carpool trip to ensure that the driver of the vehicle has an acceptable driving record, is properly registered and has adequate insurance to protect the driver and passenger. 6. In the morning, at 7:45 a.m., we will be on the Massachusetts Turnpike towards Boston. We will determine an order for pickup, depending on who is going to drive that day. We select selected selected pick-up times for each driver, and drivers will do their best to be on time. Carpooling will take no more than 5 minutes. By voluntarily giving a ride or sharing a ride and carpooling, you accept that you are responsible for your own safety during the journey to and from the event.

Carpooling, Ride-Sharing or similar activities are a private agreement among participants. Bayside Adventure Sports (BAS) participants are informed that any decision to carpool with other members of the group is voluntary and entirely at the discretion of the participants and must be coordinated privately and independently of any BAS representative. 1. It is the responsibility of people involved in a carpool/driving situation to have adequate coverage to protect themselves and their passengers. 6. We will inquire to each other if and when we are available as a backup driver in case a driver is sick or, for some other reason, is not available on a day when the driver is intended to drive.