(viii) result from non-compliance with required configurations, the use of supported platforms, or your use of Sentinel services in a manner inconsistent with the functions and functions of the Sentinel services defined by Thales. docs.sentinel.gemalto.com/home.htm To get credit, you must contact Sinergise by email at info@sentinel-hub.com within 30 days of the end of the downtime and include downtime and downtime. If we confirm that the uptime percentage is less than 99% in a month covered by your request, we will issue you the service credit. Service credits are added for the service at the end of their run life and cannot be exchanged for financial compensation or converted into it. The maximum service credit we issue for downtime in a month is 25% of the fee you owe us for this month. We are constantly trying to improve our services, so we may need to change this privacy policy from time to time, but we will alert you to changes by updating the privacy policy website. If you wish to continue using the services after the release of changes to the privacy policy, we may request and request your consent to the changes. Contract Sentinel recovers performance in the source agreement, which covers costs, risks, expenses, SLA and KPI performance in one solution. Managing software, hardware, facilities and service contracts in a simple low-cost solution! Communications. All legal indications (whether it is a "written communication" or a "communication" expressly specified in these conditions) or communications that must be mentioned are subject to the written form: signed or deposed of the party with notification, and may, by hand, by mail, email, confirmed facsimile or written or authenticated mail, receive a requested acknowledgement, In any event, to the address of the recipient party, as it is identified in the signature below, on a valid purchase order, in the case of SentinelOne to legal.notices@sentinelone.com, or to another address which are provided below by the other party. This notification is deemed to have been granted from the date of delivery. The notification is valid no earlier than 5 days from the filing to delivery or the date on the confirmed facsimile, the confirmed email or the receipt of the mail.

1.4. Documentation. Each use of the solutions is carried out in accordance with our current published documentation, such as technical manuals, installation instructions, articles or similar documentation that indicate the functionality of the solutions and which we make available to you on the customer portal via the SentinelOne Knowledge database, available at the following address: support.sentinelone.com, updated from time to time in normal operations ("Documentation"). 1.3. Related services and products. As an active customer who subscribes to the solutions under these terms and conditions, you may receive and/or subscribe to other related SentinelOne services during the term of the subscription, such as support services. B ("SentinelOne Support"), Technical Account Management ("TAM"), Vigilance Incident Service Sentinels, Response Service or other services (together "SentinelOne Services"); and/or you can purchase a license for certain SentinelOne products such as our SDK Nexs (SDK) and with SentinelOne Services, "Other Services and SentinelOne Products"). Your subscription to these other SentinelOne services and products will in any event be subject to the terms and conditions of these conditions and to the specific conditions applicable to all other SentinelOne services and products listed here: www.sentinelone.com/legal/. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy and privacy principles, please send a detailed message to info@sentinel-hub.com and we will try to resolve your issues.