We think that in general, this is what real pre-weddings do: they make people happy. Failure to recognize them is therefore an active detriment to the marriages of some people. In this example, if the young woman decides to marry the wealthy old man, her marriage could be torn apart by the resentment of the old man`s family and perhaps by the doubt that eats away at the old man`s heart that she is truly a gold-eater. Pre-nups improve society by protecting marriage. In this example, gold panning is an active detriment to society, because some may benefit financially from the legal system of the state and deteriorate the purity of marriage. When the purity of marriage is degraded from people`s point of view, people start to be afraid to get married because they might end up in some kind of chaos. If they are allowed to counter the risk of mining gold, for example through marriage contracts, the purity of the marriage will be restored. This means that people may have happy unions that, in the case of state conditions, would not have entered or would have entered and would be unhappy. For this reason, not recognizing pre-nups as valid in divorce courts is an active pity: people are forced to do something that makes them unhappy, although there is a great alternative in the form of pre-nups. A transfer of ownership is when one party gives or sells ownership of land to another party.

LawDepot`s marriage contract contains an optional clause stating that the transfer of present or future property between the two parties must be proven in writing.