The Adoption Code was introduced on 1 April 2020, which means that all new applications under Article 104 must comply with the design and construction guide published by Water UK under the new code. So, what information is needed for an application? Obviously, the form contains the basics of the site, the developer and all other parties to the section 104 agreement, as well as the relevant planning conditions, the number of properties, the date of initial occupancy and other standard details. Section 102 of the Water Industry Act (1991) allows a developer or individual to submit an application to a water company to take over a private operating canal already installed. In a new development, the S102 process is usually followed when the new sewers are installed and commissioned before the signing of the S104 agreement and the S104 process is no longer applicable. The path to a section 104 agreement begins with an initial flood risk assessment and considers site-wide drainage requirements to ensure that local sewer and surface water drainage systems are considered and not congested. In most cases, it`s simple, but in exceptional cases, such as . B an agreement under Article 104 with a developer setting up the infrastructure for a larger development site, a wider green limit is required. You need to discuss your specific needs with the development services teams. A smooth design and bidding process often means that sewers can be adopted more easily and the commitment to the developer can be reversed, often resulting in a faster and more cost-effective construction program. In order to successfully approve water management strategies and reach an agreement under Article 104, it is important to assess the needs of each site in order to provide the optimal solution.

Home / Features / Getting acquainted with. Article 104 Agreements A Section 104 Agreement (under the Water Industry Act 1991) is an agreement between a developer and a sewer company for the introduction of sanitation systems for development. There are strict regulations in place to get a deal that can be a minefield for developers. .